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Personal Trainer

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

CrossFit Speciality 

CrossFit Weightlifting

Sports Nutrition L4

CrossFit Scaling Course

Strength System International Certificate
Level 1

Personal Achievements

CrossFit HTown Throwdown​​​              2016​​                      9th Place


Strongman Series                                 ​​​2018​​                      6th Place​ U105


Heritage Games Christchurch​​​          2019​​                      1st Place​  U105


Katikati Strongest Man​​​​                       2019​​                      1st Place. ​U105

Otago’s Strongest Man & Woman​​    2019​​                      3rd Place

Waikato’s Strongest Man​​​                    2019​​                     3rd Place

King & Queen of Stones                      2019  1st Shared – Record Shared


New Zealand Strongman 

Series Nationals                                                2019            5th Place

Te Puke’s Strongest Man & Woman              2020           1st Place


Waikato Strongest Man & Woman                2020           2nd Place


NZSM Qualifier                                                2020           1st Place


North Island Log & Deadlift Champs           2020           2nd Place


King & Queen Stones 2                                   2020           3rd Place


Auckland Strongest Man & Woman             2021            1st Place


King & Queen Stones 3                                   2021            NZ Record

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